Get ready to have a major blast from the past with the adaptation of the early 90s animated movie Beauty and the Beast. With the live action remakes of Cinderella, Pete’s dragon and the Jungle Book doing so well it was only a matter of time before Disney redid the classic love story of Belle and Beast. I mean come on, it’s about time we got to see this story come to life.

Emma Watson was cast to play Princess Belle and she certainly didn’t disappoint with her adaptation of the character. Of course, I grew up a big Harry Potter fan so I always looked up to Emma and when I found out she was going to be playing my favorite Disney princess I was over the moon. I never imagined her as a singer and you could tell her voice was made up a bit in some of the songs but overall she did great. I certainly had goosebumps when she finally put on that iconic yellow dress, what girl didn’t dream of having that dress in her closet?

The music in this movie was very well done, there were some changes and a couple songs that weren’t in the original, but they were definitely needed to tell this story right. My favorite song was “evermore” sung by Dan Stevens who plays the beast. His deep voice was very soul moving and really made you feel for the Beast.

There were a few changes they made in this movie. One that stood out the most was when we found out how Belles mother had died. This scene was a very intimate moment between her and Beast which further thickened their fondness for each other.

A lot of people gave Disney flack for making Gaston’s sidekick LeFou into a gay character. I don’t fully understand why anyone cared because in the cartoon he had the same infatuation with Gaston as he does in this film. It was very understated so unless you were paying close attention you might not have even noticed. Josh Gad did a really great job playing this role. I was a little disappointed there were no meta jokes about a snowman during the snow scenes…(Josh Gad was the voice of Olaf in Frozen)

Overall this film was very much a win for Disney, I really enjoyed every moment and will certainly be adding it to my Disney collection when it comes out on Blu-ray and digital. Each actor was perfect for the role they played and I’m so glad they got it right the first time around. Be sure to download the soundtrack after you see it as well.