The Walking Dead 715 “something they need”

Last episode ended with Rosita running away from the sanctuary and her seeing a dark shadowed figure. We weren’t sure if it was Daryl or Dwight since the person had longer hair and a crossbow on their back. The opening sequence of 715 shows us it wasn’t Daryl since he was with the rest of the group heading to oceanside. So is Rosita dead? Did she kill Dwight? Or does Dwight have something else up his sleeve?

“Something they need” was a perfect title for this episode, we see Rick and the group meeting a group of people only Tara has met before. They go to oceanside knowing they have lots of guns and other weapons. Of course, our group wouldn’t kill them for their weapons so they give oceanside a choice, give them their guns willingly or help them fight. The leader is very much against helping fight the saviors so Rick and the group take all their guns instead. Hopefully, this means they now have everything they need to wipe out Negan and his group.

Sasha ends up in the savior’s jail cell because of the guards she had killed. A man by the name of David tells her he can help but only if she agrees to sleep with him. Of course, Sasha says no and David wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Right when he was about to rip off her shirt Negan comes to the rescue. Yes, i know that hard to believe. Negan asks him to apologize and when David does, Negan stabs him in the neck. I guess he didn’t accept his apology.  Negan leaves Sasha with a knife and a choice. Kill herself or put down David and join the saviors. But we know Sasha wouldn’t ever join Negan after what he did to Abraham.

At the very end of the episode, we see Rick and the group get back to Alexandria after leaving oceanside. They are greeted by Rosita who says she has someone they need to see. Dwight is in their jail cell and he tells rick he wants to help fight Negan. It ends with Rick pointing his gun at him and telling him to get on his knees. I have a feeling Rick isn’t going to kill him but I’m sure Daryl will have a very hard time being on the same side as him. I still don’t believe Dwight could ever come back from the things he did, shooting Daryl in the chest, killing Denise and he was the reason why Negan killed the doctor. To be honest the person I would like to see get killed the most is Gregory. He would throw anyone under the bus to benefit himself and I’m pretty sure he wants Maggie dead.

The promo clip for the season Finale looks very promising. We see everyone gearing up to fight including people from the Kingdom and Hilltop. I can’t be the only one who wants to see Shiva kill one of the saviors right?