Having social anxiety comes with a lot of burdens. The biggest issue is not being able to go out and be social with new people. Here is a list of things I enjoy doing when I want to get out of the house that doesn’t cause my anxiety to get worse. You never know, some of these activities might cause you to meet some new and interesting people

  1. Walk around downtown. Go window shopping in your local city. The best part is you can put headphones in and no one will bother talking to you. Win!
  2. Grab a strawberry iced tea at Starbucks and walk around target. Because what fangirl doesn’t love walking around target looking for new merch to add to her collection?
  3. Invite a close friend over for a movie/tv show marathon. I mean come on, it’s never a bad time to binge watch a tv show with a close friend while eating your weight in pizza and unhealthy foods.
  4. Go for a drive. whenever I feel the need to get out the house for an extended period of time I just go for a random drive. sometimes I end up at the beach or I end up going for a little hike. Just get in the car, crank up the music and drive.
  5. Take your laptop to a coffee shop. You can get some school work done while enjoying a coffee and a nice pastry. Again, the best part about this is you can put your headphones in and everyone will leave you alone.
  6. Go to a comic shop. Yes, I know this can be scary but I promise you that you will only run into caring and genuine people when you walk into a comic book store.
  7. Go get your nails done. Nothing is better than pampering yourself when you might be feeling down. If you are really feeling bold, try getting a new haircut as well.