The Spider-man homecoming Trailer #2 is here and it looks even better than the first one! After seeing a little bit of Spider-Man in Captain America Civil war, it left us only wanting more. Finally, we get to see spider man in the MCU with his own stand alone movie. Of course, this film doesn’t come out for another few months, but thanks to Marvel, we get our 2nd look at what to expect from this very anticipated movie.

Tom Holland has been, by far, the best actor cast to play this iconic character. His look, his wit, and his charm are a perfect representation of the classic cartoon. In this trailer, we see him trying to save the world well before he is ready. Thank to his father like figure Tony Stark, he gets put in check before he ends up hurting himself or others. But it wouldn’t be a spider man movie if Peter Parker didn’t try to defy the rules in order to do what he thought was right.

This trailer has gotten me so pumped for July to roll around. I know this film will be everything I’m expecting it to be because Marvel never disappoints us.