Photo: Fox Studios/Marvel

Logan: This movie was perfect in every way and was the X-Men movie we were all waiting for. It was an emotional ride and had an extremely satisfying ending. This film also had the introduction of X-23, she was a great addition to this universe and I can’t wait to see more of her. If you haven’t seen it yet don’t wait!

beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast: This movie brought me back to my childhood. It was everything I had ever hoped for. Emma Watson was the perfect choice to play Belle. Don’t miss your chance to see this in the theater!

iron fist

Iron Fist: Total binge-worthy show. This show had gotten a lot of negative reviews from critics but I fully enjoyed it. It took me only a couple days to get through it. As always I was very upset when it was over because it left me only wanting more…and more of Danny Rands butt…


Ed Sheeran Divide album: this album has been on my Spotify repeat since it came out at the beginning of the month. This album has a really good variety of songs, whether you want something to dance around and sing to or if you want a song to sit down and have a good cry.  Ed Sheeran is such a talented artist.

iphone case


Coveroo Marvel iPhone Case: If you are in the market for a new high-quality phone case you need to check out coveroo. This website sells otterbox cases with a bit of a flare. There are several categories including sports teams, movies, shows and whatever else you can think of. I chose a cute Kawaii marvel case that I’m obsessed with. It gives you the protection of an otterbox but it also allows you to show off your personality.