1. Shiva killing people: Ever since the walking dead season 7 trailer dropped at San Diego comic con last summer everyone has been over the moon about Shiva and King Ezekial being introduced. In episode 702 we got to meet everyone at the kingdom including the famous tiger. Ever since then, we haven’t seen her in action so I am definitely crossing my fingers she will tear apart a few members of the saviors in the season finale.
  2. Dwight getting revenge on Negan: Of course, we all want to see Negan go down, and as much as I love Jefferey Dean Morgan as an actor, Negan just needs to go. Yes, I still can’t stand Dwight, but I think he deserves to be the one to kill Negan after everything he put him through.
  3. Maggie and Jesus getting revenge on Gregory: I want to see Gregory go down even more than Negan. He is a terrible leader, he constantly throws his own people under the bus and he is just overall a huge selfish ass hole.
  4. Daryl getting revenge on Dwight: Yes, I know Dwight has come over to the good side and says he wants to help kill Negan. I don’t want Dwight dead necessarily, I just want to see Daryl bash his face in for Killing Denise, shooting Daryl in the chest and torturing him.
  5. Carol back in action with the group: Carol hasn’t been a part of our crew since the end of season 6, she went off on her own to find herself. I understand why she needed alone time, but it’s certainly time for her to come back and help get rid of the saviors.