heath ledger joker

The Dark Knight: I remember going to see this movie the day it came out with my aunt, we waited in line for over two hours so we could be a part of the massive opening box office weekend. This movie was well worth the wait, Heath Ledger gave a performance of a lifetime as the Joker. This film is the reason why Batman is my favorite superhero.


Captain America: Winter Soldier: The Marvel Cinematic universe has several amazing movies and its difficult to pick a favorite. The winter soldier definitely stands out above the rest, the writers and directors of this film did a phenomenal job. Chris Evans will forever be Captain America to me.


Spider-Man (2002): Toby McGuire’s spiderman definitely gets a lot of mixed reviews. This was one of the very first superhero movies I remember seeing and it was a big part of my childhood. To this day I still believe all three films to be an amazing story.



The Blind Side: Going away from the superhero films for a minute, The blind Side was incredibly well written and was very inspiring. There was a really good mix of humor, loss, and inspiration in this movie. I have lost count the number of times I have seen it and I’m always entertained by it.  The Blind Side will always be a classic sports movie.



Logan: I know this movie has only been out for about a month, but it was too perfect not to put on this list. I loved everything about this movie. The introduction of X23, the subtle humor, and the incredible heartbreaking ending of Wolverine. It was everything every X-Men fan was waiting for.