iron fist
Photo: Iron Fist Netflix studios

Iron Fist (season 1) If you were a fan of the other Netflix Marvel shows, you definitely need to check out Iron Fist. There has been a lot of mixed reviews for this show from the critics but I’m so glad I gave it a chance. I binged watched it the first weekend it came out and I enjoyed every minute of it. It has a very good storyline and quite a few plot twists you don’t see coming. This season only has 13 episodes so it will go by quick if you don’t want to have the commitment of a 22 episode season.

z nation
Photo: Z-nation Sci-Fi studios

Z Nation (season 1-3) Now that the Walking Dead is on hiatus until October, we all need something to give us our zombie fix. Nothing will ever be able to compete with our beloved AMC zombie show, but Sci-fi has done a pretty good job with their take on an apocalypse related show. The main characters did a great job making you fall in love with them. The special effects aren’t nearly on par with TWD but they certainly get the job done.

legends of
Photo: Legends of Tomorrow CW studios

Legends of Tomorrow (season 1) If you haven’t watched this show yet you need to do yourself a favor and give it a chance. Season 2 will be on Netflix next week so now is the perfect chance to get caught up with season 1. This series has many loved characters from the DC universe and has several crossovers from other CW DC related shows. So if you are looking for a new show or just want to re-watch this season to refresh your memory, this show is surely a must.