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Photo: Sons of Anarchy FX studios

Opie Winston (Sons of Anarchy) Sons of anarchy came with a lot of heartbreaking moments, from the beloved character Bobby get killed, Jax grieving after his wife Tara was killed by his own mother and having to see Jax kill his own mother, we have got pretty used to having our favorite characters getting killed off. For me, the worst death of the entire series Opie. Opie had been through so much tragedy in his life and it was really due in large part to the things the club made him do. Still, he ended up laying down his own life to save Jax, Tig and Chibs.

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Photo: The Walking Dead AMC Studios
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Sasha Williams (the Walking Dead)  I think after Sasha lost Abraham she knew what she needed to do in order to help save everyone from Negan, she was just waiting for her moment. And what a moment it was. Because of her, the people of Alexandria were able to subdue the saviors enough to save themselves.

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Photo: Legends of Tomorrow CW studios

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 Captain Cold (Legends of Tomorrow)  The time masters head to the vanishing point in order to gain their free wills back and to do this they needed to destroy the Oculus. To do so, someone needed to be present to hold a certain part into place. At first Ray Palmer volunteers, then Mick does so.  But Lenard Snart ended up being the one to heroicly sacrifice himself.

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Photo: Supernatural CW studios

Jo and Ellen Harvelle (Supernatural) Jo had her heart set on building a bomb and sacrificing herself to kill the hellhounds so they were not chasing the team any longer. Of course, her mother Ellen was completely against it. In a heartwarming scene where Jo insists her mother finally treat her like an adult, the two decide to go out together. They gave up their lives so the Winchesters could carry on with their mission

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Photo: the Flash CW studios

Eddie Thawne (The Flash) After discovering that Eobard Thawne, Reverse-Flash, is an ancestor of Eddie Thawne’s, Eddie made the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the existence of this villain. If Eddie were to kill himself, Eobard would never be born. He only had moments to think, as Reverse-Flash was just about to kill Barry Allen. Eddie went out a hero saving many more people than just Barry.