Dear Marvel, you are killing me with these trailers! I wasn’t the least bit excited for this movie but after seeing the teaser, I want the movie NOW. Everything about this trailer, from the colors to the song choice, to Gollum and Bilbo being in the same room together again…I literally can’t deal with the hype!

The song choice for this teaser was beyond perfect, whoever discovered this song at Marvel should get a serious raise because it fits the feel of the movie to a T. The action was cut so perfectly to the song making it even better.

credit: Marvel Studios-Black Panther teaser

I am a huge Batman fan, and I definitely got a Batman vibe when they panned up to Black Panter sitting in the tree. Black Panter seems to be the Marvel version of the DC vigilante.

credit: Marvel Studios-Black Panther Teaser trailer

THE COLORS. I can’t get over the use of colors in this trailer. I know Marvel is known for being the more colorful of the comic related movies, but something about this trailer felt different. Each color seemed very intentionally placed and so well thought out. I am beyond hyped to see this movie come February.


MICHONNE. As you all know, I am a big Walking Dead fan. I honestly had forgotten that Dania Guerra had been cast in this film, so when I saw the teaser I was pleasantly surprised to see our zombie apocalypse queen looking stunning next to T’Challa.