Negans back story: We need to see what made Negan who he is today. He is such a charismatic character and it would be a great addition to the show if we get to see who he was before the world fell and how he got to be the leader of the Saviors.

Rick getting revenge on trash people: There has to be some kind of meaning to the trash people betraying Rick, it would be very unfortunate for them to play a minor role, coming in and out of the season randomly without having any kind of closure to what happened in the season 7 finale.

Glenn making a return: Yes, I realize he isn’t coming back from the dead, but we still have yet to have closure in dealing with his horrible death. We were lucky enough to get some closure with Abe’s death when he came back in Sasha’s dream sequence before she died so it would be nice to have Glenn come back, even if it’s just for a minute long dream sequence in Maggie’s head.

Dwight living up to his promise to the Rick: Up until the season 7 finale, Dwight was one of the most hated characters on the show, he tortured our poor Daryl, he killed Denise for no reason and he was just an all-around jerk. In the finale, he made a promise to Rick and the group that he would help them defeat Negan. Since Dwight is one of Negan’s most trusted saviors it made sense, so hopefully, in season 8 he will live up to that promise.

Maggie leading Hilltop: A character that might be hated even more than Negan is Gregory, the so-called leader of Hilltop. He’s selfish and an all-around ass hole who would probably throw his mother under the bus if it meant him getting ahead. Thankfully he is now with the saviors so that leaves an opening for a leader at Hilltop. Maggie would be perfect since she already has had such a big leading role there.

Jesus leading all groups in the war against Negan: With Maggie leading Hilltop, Rick leading Alexandria and King Ezekiel leading the Kingdom, it would be nice to see someone fill in the role of leading all of the groups into battle with Negan. Jesus has already done such a great job with bringing all the groups together so I think he would be the perfect character to lead them into war.

Eugene coming back to our side in a heroic way: So far, Eugene has really let us all down, first he lied about knowing the cure. Now he jumped ship and is on Negan’s side. I really hope that he ends up doing something to help Rick in defeating Negan, it would be heartbreaking to know that he actually is a traitor after everything the group had done for him

Where is Heath?: I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing “where’s Heath?”, it just doesn’t make any sense that he would disappear for no reason and not have his character have any kind of closure. We need to see where he has been all this time whether he’s alive or dead.